Vintage furniture and home decor made easy!


Our paint is water based made with all natural chalk and minerals. It is VOC FREE and has no odor making it environmentally friendly for you to work with.

Classic Charm Vintage Paint comes in a variety of classic and vintage colors. It is a great paint that gives a chalky matte finish, making it easy to distress your project.

Quart: Our Classic Charm Vintage Paint quart is 946 mL/32 US fl.oz. This size is perfect and will allow you paint numerous larger pieces of furniture and home décor projects. 

Pint: Our Classic Charm Vintage Paint pint is 473 mL/16 fl.oz. This size is perfect to use on smaller furniture and home décor projects.

Paint sample: Our Classic Charm Vintage paint sample is 118 mL/4 US fl.oz. This is a good size if you aren't sure how a certain color will look or use on a small home décor item.

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